Tournament announcement post

Woot! First reported Vintage results of 2017!

Nine slightly-hungover wizards came out to Asgard this week.

Nick P and Ben K drew in round four to lock down first and second, respectively. Rose beat her boyfriend Patrick to lock herself into third. Fortunately for him, tiebreakers meant that he just barely made top 4, combining the pair’s prizes to take advantage of Asgard’s New Year’s board game sale.

Top 4 have been submitted to TCDecks.

Placing / Name / Deck (Click for decklist scan)

  1. Ben K - Car Shops
  2. Nick P - Alt Oath
  3. Rose - Eldrazi Shops
  4. Patrick B - URw Delver
  5. Sky G - Uba Staxx
  6. Dick Mustang - Scepter+Chant Jank
  7. Sam C (me) - Tiny Robots
  8. Elijah H - Paradoxical Mentor
  9. Tim E - Belcher

Most of us will be playing at GP Louisville so if you see a Lonestar Lhurgoyf shirt be sure to say hi.

Next all-proxy Vintage tournament is in two weeks, Sunday 15 January at 1:00 PM.

edit: The only thing Paradoxical about Tim’s deck was how I could call it the wrong thing while also linking to the decklist.

edit 2: Decklists posted to TCDecks!