Tournament announcement post

The Houston-area Vintage scene decided to move venues for this tournament. This week, Brash Brewing Company hosted us.

We got the largest turnout we’ve had at any tournament other than Grand Prix side events - a full 14! This included two more new players. And as is tradition, both secured at least one match win in their first ever Vintage event!

To ensure players get as much Vintage as possible, we always play four rounds. Going into the third round, the top four players thought they could double draw in. That ended up not being the case, making for a nail-biting finish as all four players had to play for their lives!

Newcomer Sean Liu secured first place with a lopsided Two Card Monte victory over Sam’s Pitch Dredge deck.

Placing / Name / Deck:

  1. Sean Liu - Two Card Monte
  2. Patrick Brennan - Ballista Shops
  3. Elijah Henly - UWR Mentor
  4. Stuart Ziarnik - Null Rod Shops
  5. Sam C - Pitch Dredge
  6. Satish S - Dark Petition Storm
  7. Rose Q - Ballista Shops
  8. Tim E - UR Delver
  9. Joe K - Paradoxical Mentor
  10. Ben K - “MEGA COMBO” - Oath Storm w/ Aetherflux Reservior
  11. Adam D - Sun Titan Oath
  12. Matt L - UWR Mentor
  13. Nik P - LabMan Oath
  14. Joann - Leovold BUG

Top 4 have been submitted to TCDecks CLICK HERE.

Next all-proxy Vintage tournament is in two weeks, Sunday 12 March at 1:00 PM. Location is TBD but will likely be Brash again. They’ve offered a free crowler to the winner next time around and possible more!