Tournament announcement post

With SXSW starting up to the West and Star City Games hosting a tournament to the North, our attendance was down for this tournament. We continued to grow the community with two newcomers. As is tradition, both managed to win at least one match. In fact, one finished in second place!

Top 4 has been submitted to TCDecks here.

Placing / Name / Deck

  1. Ben K - Ballista Shops
  2. Ashby G - Merolk
  3. Elijah H - Paradoxical Mentor
  4. Patrick B - Ballista Shops
  5. Chad M - Ballista Shops
  6. Tim E - Turbo Depths
  7. Joe K - Paradoxical Mentor
  8. Adam D - Paradoxical Storm
  9. Sam C - Two Card Monte

Next all-proxy Vintage tournament is in two weeks, Sunday 26 March at 1:00 PM. Location is TBD but will likely be Brash again. They’ve offered a free crowler to the winner next time around and possibly more!


Brash logo and power

Prize wall

Unofficial team mascot, Darlin

Action shots

Darlin laments my inability to order enough pizza

Beer selection

Door prize winner Tim E ponders his new acquisition

Second place Ashby G shows off his new cards

Champion Ben K shows off some new cardboard and a crowler of Smoglifter to go with it

After-Magic tacos