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Eleven wizards braved flash flood warnings and the traffic of a nearby music festival to play magic as Garfield intended. In a reaction to a recent spate of Workshops in Houston, we saw a big upswing in Oath decks.

We always play four rounds. Sometimes that results in some funky finishes. Today is the first time a winner has not gone 4-0. That meant a ridiculously close finish as the entire top 4 clocked in at 9 points.

Be sure to scroll to the bottom to see yet another super-sweet proxy deck from local madman, Will M.

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Placing / Name / Deck (Click for decklist scan)

  1. Ben Kendrick - White Eldrazi
  2. Tim Everett - Tezz Oath
  3. Elijah Henly - Dark Petition Storm
  4. Stu Ziarnik - Null Rod Shops
  5. Peter Matre - Tiny Robots
  6. Dr. Patrick Brennan - Punishing Oath
  7. Sam Craven - Paradoxical Oath
  8. Nick Patniyot - Salvagers Oath
  9. Will M - Izzet Slaver
  10. Luke - Pitch Dredge
  11. Joe Kington - Grixis Thieves


Ben and Stu pre-game with some flashback sealed

Luke’s first time playing Dredge. “I just mull to Bazaar, right?” Yes Luke, all the way down to that one card hand. Luke later exclaimed “wait, Bazaar isn’t legendary!?”

Patrick finally gets off shops and discovers the joys of a hardcast Griselbrand

Bunk came all the way from Austin to watch us play

Will M’s 100% Futuresight Border Slaver deck

It’s just a little water. Shut up and play Vintage.