[Last week we announced our first ever invitational.] Well now everyone has submitted their decks and we’re finally ready to announce!

Players and decks

In alphabetical order by first name:

Arjune Bose - UR Delver Ashby Graves - Powerless Eldrazi Ben Kendrick - UWr Mentor Joe Kington - Paradoxical Storm Patrick Brennan - Staxx Sam Craven - Two Card Monte Tim Everett - Merfolk Will Miertschin - Is it Welder?

Stream info

The stream will go live at 12:15 Eastern with round one starting promptly* at 12:30 on twitch.tv/LoneStarLhurgoyfs .

What do you want to see?

We’re playing a full round-robin, so every match will occur. Are there any matches that look particularly interesting for streaming? Current nominations from the group are:

  • Paradoxical Storm v Merfolk
  • Welder v Staxx
  • UR Delver v UWr Mentor

Call for mods

If you’re interested in helping mod the chat, please message thecravenone on TMD, tweet at @TexasLhurgoyfs or email sam at seemsgood dot com with your twitch username.

See ya Saturday!

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