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After one of our group won a local PPTQ, there was a bit of celebration which knocked some of us out of commission. As a result, we only managed six players today. On the plus side, that means we can add a round and play round robin! And that’s exactly what we did!

After five rounds, Elijah and Shane had the same points, opponent’s match win percentage, game win percentage, and opponent game win percentage - a perfect tie through all tie breakers to two decimal places! As Elijah won the heads-up match, he was awarded first place.

Placing / Name / Deck (Click for decklist scan)

  1. Elijah Henley - Staxx
  2. Shane Remelt - Dredge
  3. Ben Kendrick - Splinter Twin
  4. Patrick Brennan - Eldrazi Shops
  5. Sam Craven - 4 Color Control
  6. Matt Covington - UW Mentor


What do you take with Thoughtseize here? Left is your hand, playmat is the opponent’s. That Vampiric in their card was countered.

Is this happening?

Sam sees a Splinter Twin for the first time in his life.