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  1. Ben Kendrick - White Eldrazi
  2. Sean Liu- Pitch Dredge
  3. Nick Patniyot - Salvagers Oath
  4. John Russell - Grixis Fish
  5. Tim Everett - Merfolk
  6. Will Miertschin - Clamp Shops
  7. Joe Kington - Paradoxical Storm
  8. Sam Craven - 4 Color Control

Play of the tournament:

Sean, having been wasted off of Bazaar, was dredging naturally. After running out of dredgers, Sean was stuck with four Grave-Trolls and a Serum Powder in hand. He drew a Cabal Therapy for the turn, cast it off his Urborg, and targeted himself naming Golgari Grave-Troll. This re-fed his graveyard and powered him through the rest of the game. Bonus: He even got some zombies out of the deal! (Unfortunately, however, our intrepid hero did go on to lose this game.)


Why people turn to the dark side

Sam’s question of the tournament: On the play, in the blind. Keep or mull?