Elijah told me I had to open the report with this picture.

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  1. Nick Patniyot - Lab Man Oath
  2. Ben Kendrick - Baral Storm
  3. Elijah Henly - InfernOath
  4. Sean Liu - UR Delver
  5. Will Miertschin - UR Wlder
  6. Tim Everett - Merfolk
  7. Sam Craven - 5C Staxx
  8. Dr. Patrick Brenna - TezzErayo

When you get there so early that only the bartender is there. Seems good.

Brash is assembling a contraption.

Sam’s nomination for the worst card played today.

Elijah, who does not play Mindslaver in his deck, Mindslavers Will.

Played your entire hand on turn one? Cool, I’ll Powder Keg away all but the Top.

Patrick is unsure of what to do…

So he swings with 25 power of artifacts.

Nick takes home the mat for the first time. He immediately added his decorations.

And now for the best part of the report, the dog pics: