Houston Changes

After speaking to several of our regular Vintage players and several players who would like to join us, I’ve decided to change the schedule for ‘Goyf Vintage in 2018. We will be moving off of the every-other-weekend cadence.

In 2018, Houston Vintage will be held on the first and third Sundays of each month.

While this does slightly reduce the overall number of touranments (some months have five Sundays), I believe that this will increase turnout for two reasons. First, no additional information is needed to know when Vintage is. IE, I don’t need to know when the last tournament was to know when the next tournament is. Second, several players work 7-on-7-off. By moving to the first and third, we will be periodically switching between which players on such a schedule will be able to attend. Additionally, those fifth Sundays can be used for Goyfvitationals, meetups, or days of rest.


Stu reports that the Austin crew is working towards tournament regularity. He hopes to begin hosting tournaments every four to eight weeks. The first of these will be on the 13th of January at 4th Tap Brewing Co. The following tournament will be announced on or before the 13th!

Special thanks to Brian Tweedy for designing this very cool poster for the the first of many tournaments in the new Austin series, Romancing the Stones.