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  1. Ben Kendrick - Sylvan Walkers
  2. Paul Hodgson - Grixis Control
  3. Will Miertschin - Ravager Shops
  4. Dan Sprinkle - UW Landstill
  5. Trevor Leinbach - UR Delver
  6. Tim Everett - Merfolk
  7. Sam Craven - Mythstill
  8. Tri Nguyen - Xerox
  9. Joe Kington - Mirror Shops
  10. Patrick Brennan - Ravager Shops
  11. Adam Smothers - Bargain Storm

Today’s menu. DFH 120 on tap made for a very sleepy afternoon.

Yes, that’s a Chandra, Torch of Defiance in play.

Paul prefers to use a piece of paper as his playmat. It offsets the fact that he’s playing with real cards.

Mirror Shops vs Shops = Shops Mirror

JoAnn had to skip games to study but she still made it out for a beer!

Balance, going down to zero cards in hand against 11 cards and 4 creatures.

Myth Realized attacking Chandra, Torch of Defiance - what format is this!?

A beautiful Vintage stack.