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  1. Trevor Leinbach - UR Delver
  2. Will Miertschin - Pitch Dredge
  3. Sam Craven - Foundry Shops
  4. Dan Sprinkle - UW Lanstill
  5. Ben Kendrick - Moon Tribal
  6. Patrick Brennan - Ravager Shops
  7. Paul Hodgson - Jeskai Grow
  8. Tim Everett - UR Delver
  9. JoAnn Gage - Ravager Shops
  10. Joe Kington - Mirage Mirror Shops

Blood Moon, Blood Sun, Null Rod, and a Pats Jersey - Ben is truly a terrible person.

JoAnn plays Magic against Will, who is playing not-Magic.

Tim learns that Mentor grows faster than Pyromancer.

Dan fateseals Ben and is immediately confused. (That’s a Jokullhaups)

Combat math? In my Vintage? It’s more likely than you think.

Little known side effect of casting Jokullhaups: Your opponent has to take a picture.