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With the summer sun beating down on Houston, we finally moved indoors. Be sure to check out Joe’s Black Shops deck. Re really buried the lede calling it “Mirage Mirror Shops”



  1. Ben Kendrick - Ravager Shops
  2. Joe Kington - Black Shops
  3. Elijah Henly - Ravager Shops
  4. John Hammack - Grixis Karn
  5. Luke Burchfield - Ravager Shops
  6. Sam Craven - Paradoxical Erayo
  7. Will Miertschin - Pitch Dredge
  8. Nick Patniyot - Omnitell




Haha! I’ve got you at last!

Oh… oh no.

One of the day’s many Shops mirrors

“Vintage is a turn one format!”

We didn’t have even change for payout so John accepted beers instead.