Have you ever dreamed of living in a world without Griselbrand? A world where miracles never happen? A world where “Rest in Peace” is simply an epitaph only written on Silent Gravestones?

Well now you can.

After seeing the post about Pre-Innistrad Legacy on /r/MTGLegacy, we got several requests to run an event. So we’re doing just that!

Quick Facts

Date: March 15, 2020
Location: Rudyard’s Pub 2010 Waugh Dr Houston, Texas, 77006 [MAP]
Registration Time: 11:30 AM
Event Begins: 12:00 PM
Entry Fee: $10
Payout: 100% payout to top 4
Proxy limit: Unlimited proxy
Proxy rules: Don’t make us need to make a proxy rule!
Decklists: Requried. See below fore more info.


We’ll be plaing under the same rules that were used in London. All current rules (mulligans, legends, etc) are in place. The banned list is the same as it was the day before Innistrad was released, including Mental Misstep being banned. (Other changes vs the current banned list: Sensei’s Divining Top and Gitaxian Probe are legal. Worldgorger Dragon, Land tax, and Black Vice are banned)

Further Reading About the Format

Unfortunately, as a Misstep-free pre-Innistrad format only existed for ten days, there aren’t many decklists available.

  • You can find Star City Games’ decks from the month preceeding the Innistrad release [here]
  • GP Amsterdam was shortly after Innistrad was released. Find its coverage [here]

The folks already playing the format have setup a Discord: [Click me!]


Decklists are required. We do not perform deck checks but we want lists so we can post them. Have bad handwriting? Use the decklist generator here! Please don’t put anything on your decklist that you don’t want to be seen publicly as your decklist may be scanned and uploaded in full.

The Weissman Rule: Decklists must match the deck that is being played in the event.

You may also email your decklist as plain text to sam at lonestarlhurgoyfs dot com the day of the tournament.

It would be greatly appreciated if your decklist was filled out and ready before our scheduled start time of 12 PM