Howdy Texans!

The next few weekends are jam-packed with great Magic events. For your convenience and our sanity, we’ve compiled them all into one place.

June 28-30 Magicfest Dallas-Fort Worth in Fort Worth - Several Goyfs will be in attendance with Old School, Middle School, Legacy, and Cube. We will be hosting either proxy Vintage or Cube in our suite Saturday night. Stay tuned to Twitter for details.

July 6 The Summer of 1994 in Austin - No-proxy Old School hosted by Romancing the Stones.

July 13 Houston’s Legacy - Competitive REL Legacy benefiting Houston Food Bank. If you’d like to contribute to the cause, will be “Griselbranding for Good.” He’s matching any donations you make up to $500. Details on his website.

July 19 & 21 TinFinvitational Denver 2019 - 100% Proxy Vintage on Friday and partial-proxy Legacy on Sunday. Hosted by friend-to-the-Goyfs, Josh Bingaman.

July 27 August 3 Houston Proxy Vintage returns - and on a Saturday! More details closer to time. Sorry for the delay but it’s first free Saturday @thecravenone has had to run a tournament since mid-May.

Also, expect to see some strucured Legacy testing sessions as we gear up for Magicfest Atlanta Sep 20-22.